The eighth and final Harry Potter movie made box office history over its opening weekend, raking in a whopping $168 million. It marks the end of a decade of Harry Potter films that have captivated audiences all over the world, and seeing it end is a bit nostalgic. The most recent opening shattered previous records for ticket sales, and even nudged ahead of the coveted Batman film The Dark Knight, which only brought in $158 million.

This is a tremendous feat for a movie in an opening weekend, but the fact that it is Harry Potter is not surprising at all. The series has been a staple of many peoples childhood, and as it finally comes to a close, the hype has been unbelievable. I was not one of those who battled my way into an opening night showing, but a vast number of people showed up for Harry Potter opening festivities all over the world.

Theaters are also showing the movie in 3D which adds to tickets sales, but more so the allure of JK Rowlings fantasy world. As far as movies go, the aesthetics of Harry Potter are perfect for 3D, and this final movie is no exception.

The record breaking weekend, nostalgic end to the series, and the amazing cinematography make this the most exciting movie release in recent memory, and Harry Potter has taken the world by storm one last time!