Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming to PC in November

After a year on the market as a console game, Rockstar’s popular Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally coming to PCs on November 5th, 2019.

PC gamers boast about the power of their rigs, but those beasts have been unable to get their hands on Red Dead Redemption 2, which had been available exclusively on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game takes place before the events of 2010’s Red Dead Redemption and sees players taking on the role of Arthur Morgan, a key member of the Van der Linde crime gang.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was met by critical acclaim from reviewers and players alike. The game is absolutely gorgeous, and those with powerful enough PCs will be able to run the game at high frame rates and in full 4K resolution. The game also features a compelling story and details that’ll make your head spin. Rockstar went as far as to make the horses have testicles, and the balls of the horses grow and shrink depending on the temperature of the weather in the game.

There’s also a full online mode, which lets players participate in a series of different missions while fighting or teaming up with different players from around the world.

When the game launches, it will initially be available on the Rockstar Launcher, but will also be offered on the Epic Games Store and Humble Store. In December, the game will be available on the Steam Store. RDR2 will also be a Google Stadia launch title, letting Founders Edition players get their hands on the game in November.