Server Rental Makes it Possible to Rent Out a Battlefield 3 Server

Being in random matches can be stressful. However, if you play Battlefield 3, then likely you don't have to worry about that from now on.

The reason why is because EA is renting out servers for your own personal use on the PS3, PC, and the Xbox 360. So that means you aren't going to be thrown into the middle of a battle where one sniper dominates the map or one lone wolf with a tank manages to squish you like a junebug over and over again. Now you can rent out a server and play with your friends and the people that you trust.

On the Xbox 360, for about $1.50 (120 Microsoft Points) per day or $25 (2000 Microsoft Points) per month, you can have your own piece of Battlefield 3. Server leases can name specific users as VIPs, making them top priority of the queues. You'll also get the admin powers of kicking and banning certain gamers off your server. So, if you and your buddies like certain maps or matches, renting a server might be a good choice.