Bungie Gives Halo a Farewell with an Interesting Stats Page

As Bungie say their last goodbyes to the Halo series, the developer decided to give it a honorable farewell by releasing a record of some multiplayer statistics that they have gathered over the years. And they are mind-blowing. Even you didn't like Halo, it's still an interesting read, especially when you see the numbers.

Facts include:

The Number of Steaktacular Medals: 382,330,491
Number of Weapon Kills: 108,548,388,596
Halo's Playtime in Days: 85,841,504
Halo's Playtime in Years: 235,182
and many more.

With nearly ten years of cumulative multiplayer experience some of the numbers racked up over Xbox Live are genuinely impressive.

If you want to see more, check out this link to the stats page from Bungie.