rocket league hoops mode

I've always thought that Rocket League looked like an absolutely solid title but after a bit more of a look at the latest update, it turns out that the game does actually have room to get even better. Instead of just adding new cosmetic items or a new arena, the next Rocket League patch will add new gameplay content that could add hundreds of hours of new fun and completely change the direction of future eSports events.

The biggest new addition is the new game mode named Hoops. As the name suggests, Hoops is a basketball inspired mode. The new game mode will feature a 2 v 2 setup on a new arena called Dunk House. To get players in the spirit, NBA flags will be added as cosmetic items in the new update too. The new flags can be purchased, although the NBA logo will be given out for free.

To begin with the Hoops mode will be limited to unranked but a ranked playlist could be possible in the future. So far Psyonix is yet to confirm the future of Hoops, we'll have to see how well the game mode is received by the community. A few changes will be made to tweak game settings, fix UI issues and smooth out any overall problems that have been apparent in previous builds. This includes a rare glitch where the ball could actually leave the arena completely.

Whilst the Dunk House arena is specifically released for the Hoops mode, another new arena will be added. The new arena is named Cosmic and it will be available from within the Rocket Labs playlist.