navy seals rainbow six siege

Details on two new operators dropped during the recent ESL Pro League for Rainbow Six. The two new operators will be part of a new faction. Which, unsurprisingly will be representative of the Navy SEALS. Even though the addition of the SEALS faction was expected, we're pretty excited to see them make it into the game, because let's be honest the Navy SEALS have always been pretty awesome, especially in Rainbow Six.

We'll be getting a defender and an attacker for the new Navy SEAL team, and in similar fashion to the previous Black Ice DLC release, one of which will be a male character whilst the other will be a female character. The first character for the upcoming DLC is named Valkyrie - she will be the defender and will have a range of extra surveillance systems at her disposal. On the other side of the field Blackbeard has been introduced as an attacker who will have access to a rifle with a deployable shield weapon attachment.

Unfortunately we haven't received much more information besides the details listed above and the promo image also provided in this article, but we will be hearing more about the new DLC operators on May 9 during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals. Following from that, season pass holders will be given access to the operators for free a few days after the finals. We'd expect, alongside the new operators, a new map may also be added for all players.