Rockstar Pre-order

Pre-order bonuses have been around for a long time now and usually consist of a small incentive to give fans and other potential customers a reason to play the game on day one. Recently, many pre-order bonuses have been extra digital content available within games, such as extra cosmetic items or perks to be used whilst playing.

Rockstar are giving players a little more though; they will be shipping a t-shirt worth $20 to anyone who pre-orders from their online store, Rockstar warehouse.

The offer is only available for those in North America, which is slightly unfortunate for the rest of the globe. However, if you are living in North America and haven't pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto 5 yet, buying from Rockstar Warehouse may be a smart thing to do.

The t-shirt is blue in color and features the word 'Kifflom', which relates to the strange religious cult which first appeared in GTA San Andreas. The website was released as a teaser for the first Sand Andreas game a few years back, and now this t-shirt seems to lead to the conclusion that Kifflom will be present in the Grand Theft Auto 5 story as well.

Rockstar seem to be trying to make a name out of the word Kifflom, and this could possibly be why they are giving out free Kifflom T-shirts, instead of a GTA V symbol shirt which would be a lot more recognizable to those who haven't played the game.

Will you be playing Grand Theft Auto 5 upon release?