New Details about Destiny

Since Bungie's departure from Halo back in 2010, news of what they have been working on since has been hushed up very professionally. However, an informative advertising agency has revealed a fair amount of details on their upcoming project after Bungie's permission was given to allow them to spill the beans.

Although it's not certain, it's more than likely that Bungie's new game will be named Destiny after all, and will be on retail at some point in 2014. A new document containing information and concept art has confirmed this, as well as giving us all an insight into what the game will consist of.

The first pointer to be made is Bungie's decisions to reach for a larger demographic by making Destiny a game that is "designed for your inner seven year old" as opposed to the somewhat violent and dark stories within the Halo games.

The story will begin on Earth 700 years from the present day, where young 'knights' will start their journey on the one city left on Earth and explore the world they are in with their friends. Players will be put in an environment that is littered with the ruins of Man's Golden age, as a huge alien spaceship floats in orbit above the disparate planet, with no real cause for being other than to be Earth's protector.

By the sounds of things Destiny is gearing towards an MMO Sci-fi game as previously mentioned before, and will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as next-gen consoles that may reach the market nearer to 2014.

Putting Bungie in charge of an MMO may create an interesting outcome. Especially with Bungie's passion to create compelling stories at heart, Destiny may end up becoming a very different experience to traditional MMO's, which tend to have dull and generic stories whilst relying on an addictive progression system to hook players for longer periods of time.

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