New Xbox 720 Information Leaked


There has been a huge leak, a 56 page document containing info on Microsoft's 5 year plan, regarding the future Xbox 720 from within the walls of Microsoft. Although the information has not been confirmed to be authentic, Microsoft's law firm has demanded that the information be removed from the internet. Even though this cannot be used as justification of the information being real, it sure feels great to believe so.

This is what was mentioned in the leaked document:

-The Xbox 720 is going to come bundled with the Kinect Version 2.0
-It will have a Blu-Ray drive (we are all expecting as much)
-A tablet integration
-And, the Xbox720 + Kinect 2.0 bundle will be priced at only $299 (quite optimistic)

The Kinect 2.0 is also supposed to have these following features:

-It can support up to 4 players at one time and can track all of them fully (full body tracking)
-It will also read the room better so you won’t need to shuffle the furniture like before
-It will also have a deeper and wider field of operation which would allow us to use it in other rooms instead of only being able to use it properly in a huge living room

But the biggest reveal was something called "Fortaleza". Fortaleza would become available later in the lifecycle of the Xbox 720, the same way as Kinect came online later in the Xbox360's lifecycle.

So what is this Fortaleza? Well basically it's a pair of 3D HD glasses that can be worn by up to 3 players. These glasses would allow consumers to take their gaming and entertainment experience to the next level. By next level I mean that the glasses would supposedly give players a heads-up display/virtual reality.

Amongst the other notable changes are the fact that players can access their media library from anywhere via cloud streaming and that there would be no more need to upgrade hardware, ever! Pretty big stuff! So what do you guys think - is this info real or fake?

If you're anything like us, all of the information was awesome and interesting, but what will the core controller be like? Will the new Xbox use the controller that we love or will they attempt to improve it? Regardless, you know Evil Controllers will continue to do what they do best, modding controllers to improve your gameplay experience.

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad