Dishonored Info

From Bethesda Softworks comes Dishonoured, a game involving a Steampunk world and an assassin with supernatural powers. The game had been revealed for some time now but only recently did the developers actually show some gameplay footage. Currently the game is set to be released on the 9th of October 2012. Check out the super cool trailer from the following like before we head into the details:

As you can see, this game is a like the love child of Bioshock and Assassin's Creed! The story takes place in the Steampunk city of Dunwal which is being decimated by plague and corruption. The protagonist Corvo was once a Royal Protector of the city and a legendary swordsman in charge of protecting the Empress.

Unfortunately, the Empress was assassinated and Corvo was framed for the murder. As you can see from the trailer, during his imprisonment Corvo is approached by a mysterious figure who gives him supernatural powers. From that point on, it is Corvo's mission to slay all who betrayed him; this story is all about revenge.

The game is basically split into different missions. During each mission you will have one or more high profile targets that you have to assassinate. In between missions you can choose to back to your base where you will be able to level up your weapons, abilities, etc. Although mission based, each of these missions are located in unique situations and have a very traditional sandbox feel to them.

There are multiple ways that you can go about your mission, either using stealth or brute force. Primarily the game is supposed to make players rely more on stealth like peeking through keyholes and eavesdropping on conversations to get vital hints. There is no right way of playing the game and essentially different players will get the job done in any number of different ways. Even the developers were surprised by how the testers utilized different powers, gadgets and weapons to achieve things even the developers did not conceive before!

The use of the weapons and gadgets along with supernatural powers is what makes me see this game as very similar to Bioschock, which is a good thing. And there are a ton of different powers such as: ability to slow time, Blink (teleport across a short distance), summon animals, possess animals and other character within the game; the list goes on. The wide variety of abilities is basically what gives the players the power to do as they please and see fit.

This game with its unlimited possibilities is really showing great promise and we will be sure to keep you as more info arrives. Till then, check the first ever official game demo of Dishonored in order to get a better idea for yourself:

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad