Saints Row Sneakers

If you're a big fan of the Saints' Row series, there's now a perfect way to testify your love for the games. Heyday has just released an extremely limited pair of sneakers that are currently selling over at their website for $150.

That"s a pretty hefty price, however paying up gets you a pretty cool pair of sneakers. Each pair has a slight unique twist to it, making sure what you're wearing on your feet remains to stay different, even if you do somehow happen to come across someone else with the shoe.

It's unlikely that you will though, as there have only been 250 shoes produced, and there won't be any more.

The price tag is understandable when you think the limited availability of the shoes, if this isn't a good enough reason on its own, then the shoes probably won't appeal to you at that price.

Heyday has produced a couple of other designs for the Saints' Row series, however the red Morningstar sneakers seem to stand out the most.

There hasn't been much news on a fourth Saints Row game, but recently all of the DLC for Saints' Row three was put into one easily fairly priced package. Be sure to check out our custom PS3 controllers in the Controller Creator for your next play through in Saints Row 3.