PS4 Controller

For most of us, February 20th can't come any sooner. It's not too far away yet, but for those that are waiting, here's a small teaser.

Above is a supposed leaked image of the PlayStation 4's controller, shown off by a user at the GameTrailers forums. This is a second, more definitive image of this so called leak, showing a few hardware features that have been rumored to feature on the controller.

It looks as if there is a central touch pad in between the PS Vita-style d-pad and the classic X, O, Triangle, and Square button layout. The sticks are in the same position as previous PlayStation controllers, and the two bumper buttons remain at the back of the controller.

This controller certainly looks more bulky than the PS3 controller, but that may be to better fit the touch pad with a holder's own comfort and grip. There also seems to be some kind of grill under the touch pad and under that a PS logo which could possibly be used for the apparent PS4 share feature.

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