Saints Row the Third

If you haven't played the third installment of the Saints Row series yet, or you didn't want to buy the extra downloadable content the first time round, this may be a great time for you.

The Full Package pretty much contains what it says on the tin. The new premier edition will include the three extra download content mission packs; Genkibowl VII, Gangstas in Space and 'The Trouble with Clones.' On top of that, all of the DLC items will be included, as well as a bonus thirty new items, including new vehicles weapons and costumes.

The Full package was released in USA on November 6th, and the rest of the world on November 16th.

On top of the new Full Package edition, Volition will be giving Saints Row the Third players five avatar items, which will include both versions for females and males. Players will be able to download them from either the Full Package edition or the standard edition.

The Full Package is selling for $49.99 and along with Rockstar's games bundle and the Mass Effect trilogy, its clear game bundles and boxsets are becoming more common.

Will you be buying Saints Row the Third: Full Package? And do you think it's worth spending money on boxsets of already released games?

Written by Ollie Green