Bungie were very nice to the Halo Reach community, and were always fine tuning the matchmaking playlists to make players' gameplay experiences ever more improved. Bungie went as far as to change some of the weapon mechanics, which is a huge deal when applying this to an Xbox 360 game that had been out for over a year. 343 Industries hasn't mentioned any such game-changing plans, but they are adding and rotating the War Games playlists each week. Last week 343 added SWAT to the mix, which for many was a great relief, and it's quickly become one of the most played playlists on War Games matchmaking.

Next week 343 will be adding Team Snipers, which will be playable on Longbow, Complex, Solace, Ragnarok, Vortex, Exile and Meltdown. Similarly to SWAT, players will be able to choose between predefined load outs, although so far secondary weapons have not been included.

A few other changes have also been applied to matchmaking, and although there isn't anything too interesting, these changes could affect gameplay quite largely. A new Capture the Flag variant has been added to the Ragnarok map that removes Banshees, Meltdown Big Team Battle has had two Mantises added to the map, and a few bugs and exploits have been fixed.

343 Industries hope to constantly rotate the playlists each week to encourage players to try different game modes, however SWAT will stay in the playlist for a little longer because of the huge popularity of the game mode.

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Written by Ollie Green