For those that don't know, the big Shaq from NBA fame has started to invest in a North American eSports team named NRG. Shaq recently shared some of his feelings for eSports and shared why he has such a passion for it.

The biggest reason Shaq has a soft spot for eSports can be summed up in one simple word. "Teamwork." It's clear that this is something that Shaq knows well, "Five guys working together, practicing together, trusting your brother. That's what makes a winner. It's a grind. It takes big time dedication to be the best and build a winner."

It's not just the teamwork side of things that both eSports and NBA share, though.

"The fans did it for me," Shaq mentioned. "The fan base is huge and so passionate about their favorite games, teams and players. We have seen this movie before with the NBA and other traditional sports leagues. Sponsors and distribution always follow."

"I got to witness first-hand at CES this year how exciting the CS:GO world had become and how passionate the fans were and what type of dedicated athletes the players had become. I wanted in. I contacted Andy Miller who co-owns the Sacramento Kings with me and he asked me to become part of NRG eSports. I am totally digging how intense the CS:GO and League of Legends scene is and am excited for our plans to add many more teams and gaming personalities to the NRG mix."

NRG has a long way to go before they're competing with the best, but with funding from such big names, the NRG teams have all they need to go far.