Shroud and Co Win $100,000 Blackout Tournament

During late October, the Call of Duty Blackout Doritos Bowl tournament took place at TwitchCon. It was more of a promotional event than a full blown esports tournament, but it still attracted a number of big names in the esports and gaming communities.

For those interested, the event saw a total of 4 invited teams take part in the event. There was $250,000 on the line, and the winning team got to take home a huge $100k.

The event had the following teams take part:

● Team Shroud - Shroud, Just9n, Chocotaco, Chad
● Team OpTic - Courage, Karma, TeePee, Hysteria
● Team Ninja - Ninja, JoshOG, FearItself, GoldGlobe
● Team DrLupo - DrLupo, Mad Ruski, AnneMunition, Ninja with no L

The overall scoring system gave one point per kill, a 0.5x multiplier for top 10, a 0.75x multiplier for top 5, and a 1.25x multiplier for top 3.

The tournament had four separate heats. In each heat, the teams had one hour to win as many Blackout games as possible. Teams were also given extra points for the number of kills they received.

After the end of the event, team Shroud came out on top with a respectable 499.5 points. In second place, team OpTic had just 431.25 points. Team Ninja and team DrLupo were far behind with 374 and 350.75 points respectively.

While this was more of a invitational showmatch, it shows that Treyarch and Activision are serious about bringing a very strong esports showing for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in 2019.

The first main multiplayer esports tournament will start with CWL Las Vegas on December 7.