Astro C40 TR Teardown

The Astro C40 TR controller teardown is a relatively simple disassembly.

In this tutorial of how to disassemble the Astro Controller, we will expose the insides and how to get inside the controller.

+ First, begin by unscrewing the middle screw underneath the label. Note that this will void your warranty!

+ Start by wedging a plastic tool in between the trigger and the side rail grip. Be careful on this step to not damage your controller.

+ Slowly bring your tool down the side of the grip, gradually lifting the piece until the edge is exposed. By edging down the side you should be releasing the tabs pressure.

+ At this point, you can continue to lift the side rail or physically grab the edge of the exposed rail and pull it directly off. Note that the rail is secured with plastic tabs that can make this very difficult.

+ After removing the side rails, you will see all 4 screws exposed. Unscrew these Phillip screws to remove the backplate.

+ Lift the backplate up and off after you have removed the screws.

+ Here you can see the exposed backplate of the Astro Controller.

+ To remove the paddles, simply lift and slide the paddle downwards.

+ Make sure to unplug all 6 cables before proceeding. This will make life much easier!

+ Start by unscrewing all 8 screws. Note that there are two screws above the battery pack that can be hard to see.

+ Remove the bumpers from the faceplate housing by pulling the PCB out from its cavity. Once done, the controller will easily come apart.

+ Here you can see the inside of the faceplate exposed.

+ As well as the entire PCB for the controller.

Now you know how to disassemble the Astro C40 TR Controller.

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