Bethesda has just teamed up with Mojang to announce a new DLC pack currently exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
The new DLC content will replace some of the existing materials in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with Skyrim themed versions, as well as adding completely new items and equipment into the game.

The new mash-up pack will include a range of new features -

Skyrim themed texture set that replaces the textures for all blocks in-game with Skyrim themed versions.

40 Skyrim character skins that can be chosen from the menu. This will include some well-known races and creatures from Skyrim such as an Orc warrior, a Khajiit merchant, an Argonian mage, an Orc blacksmith, a frost troll and more.

Skyrim themed menu and user interface

Skyrim music score will replace the original Minecraft music. Includes Watch the Skies, Dragonborn, Awake, From Past To Present, The City Gates, Dragonsreach, Distant Horizons, Dawn, The Jerall Mountains, Secunda, Frostfall, Unbound, Far Horizons, The Streets of Whiterun and others.

Pre-made world will be included in the pack and will include landmark locations from Skyrim, such as Whiterun, Riverwood and Bleak Falls Barrow.

The Skyrim mash-up pack is now the second Xbox 360 mash-up following on from the Mass Effect themed DLC pack, and will be available for 3.99 Dollars/ 2.69 Pounts / 3.79 Euros

Although this content pack is only available for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition at this time, it may also become available on other platforms when it is released to other consoles.