Despite Beyond: Two Souls lacking much actual gameplay, it is a fun game that has been tied into a deeply immersive story. It's an interesting way to create an interactive experience, but from day one, the developers' goals for the game were always clear.

Ryse: Son of Rome on the other hand looks like an enjoyable, brutal game that could take us and our controller as close to living inside of 300 or Gladiator as possible.

Unfortunately though, if recent reviews are anything to go by, Ryse: Son of Rome’s actual gameplay might be just a little underwhelming.


Crytek have been pretty well known for making amazing visual experiences, but under delivering on the actual gameplay content of games, and according to many professional reviews, the gameplay in Ryse seems a little too boring, repetitive and easy.

Game informer's aptly titled review states that 'Ryse: Son of Rome is as fun as dialing phone numbers.'

According to Game informer, the gameplay in Ryse seems very uninspired, and  leaves the player pressing the same buttons over and over when using the dull combat mechanics.

Joystiq also seems to agree, saying that you'll be 'clobbering time and time again' in Ryse, and finally Shack News says that Ryse: Son of Rome is 'pretty boring.'

This is pretty disappointing to hear, but it looks as if Ryse may not be the action packed gladiator game we hoped for. The graphics are nice though, and along with the cinematics and story plot, Ryse could make for an interesting viewing experience. Personally it sounds as if the actual experience for the player may be a little dull, unless they are already prepared to be met with dull combat mechanics that present themselves to the player.