Skyrim Patch Info

A new patch for Skyrim has been released which has so far only been updated on the Xbox 360. The patch will be downloaded once playing Skyrim on Xbox Live, and has ironed out a few issues with the game.

The patch has fixed bugs with Arnleif and Sons trading company, NPC duplication, and vampiric grip and exterior doors. The patch also includes some back-end code to make Skyrim play smoothly.

For PS3 owners, and Xbox 360 owners outside US or the UK, the patch won't yet be available to you, and Bethesda hasn't stated when these consoles will get the 1.8 patch.

The new patch should hopefully help the new Dragonborn downloadable content run a whole lot smoother upon its release on December 4th for Xbox 360 consoles.

Thanks to Xbox Live and the internet, it's been much easier for developers to tweak games even after their release, and now developers can continue to improve games with the players' support, giving players more of a service out of their game, instead of just a one-time product.

Written by Ollie Green