Sleeping Dogs Info

Over the years we have seen an increased involvement of celebrities within the gaming industry. But the best way they are involved with the industry is not via gimmicky PR stunts and endorsements but by actually contributing to the games themselves.

Keeping motion capture aside, the major way these guys contribute is via voice acting which if done properly, really gives games another level of authenticity and allows gamers to connect to the story and the characters. This is why games like the Uncharted series are so great, because the voice acting and dialogue is just superb.

United Front Games have been saying that they really want to bring the whole cinematic feel to Sleeping Dogs. They plan on making it like one of those gritty cop thrillers and in order to get the right feel for the genre they chose to set the game in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Knowing very well that this only takes the game part of the way, they made a really great decision to enlist some seriously powerful voice over cast in order to complete the overall experience.

Here is a list of the game's characters followed by the respective voice over actors and examples of movies you might have seen them in:

Inspector Pendrew - Tom Wilkinsion (The Patriot, Batman Begins)
Wei Shen - Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day)
Jackie Mah - Edison Chen (Internal Affairs, The Grudge)
Winston Chu - Parry Shen (The New Guy, Better Luck Tomorrow)
Vivienne - Lucy Liu (Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels)

Among the rest of the crew are James Hong (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Blade Runner), Robin Shou (Fatal Chase, Hard to Kill), Tzi-Ma (The Quiet American, Rush Hour), Terence Yin (New Police Story, Colour of Truth), Yunjin Kim (Diary of June, Lost), Kelly Hu (Martial Law), and last but not least Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Now that is a serious voice over cast! Check out the voice acting trailer:

Depending on the similarities between Sleeping Dogs and the Grand Theft Auto series, you may find that our Stealth Adjustable Modded Controller is already compatible with the game upon it's release.

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad