Sleeping Dogs Reception

As you may already know, Sleeping Dogs is an open world cop drama inspired by classic Hollywood and Asian cinema action style thrillers is set to launch August 14th. Based on recent events, Activision (the original publisher) who lost faith in the game and sold the rights to the game to Square Enix might be REALLY regretting their decision.

Given the fact that the game is very much like GTA and has traits very much like other games it was no surprise when Activision had written it off as a failure in the beginning. But United Front Games have really pulled through and have created a really solid and fun experience that seems to be hitting a chord with gamers around. I guess all they needed was someone to trust them and support their ever expanding budget which S-E did.

A lucky few European sites have already received a copy of the game and the scores Sleeping Dogs is getting is amazing. OXM UK gave it a 9 and labeled it "Fun in every way", The Official Playstation Magazine in Italy gave it an 8.5 (the lowest score the game got!) and called it "the best open world game of 2012", and The Official PlayStation Magazine in UK gave it a 9 and labeled it "2012's most brilliantly brutal surprise."

If these reviews don't get players excited about getting a copy I don't know what will. I guess Activision will think twice about handing over a game now. Be sure to keep an eye on our site as we bring you more news about the underdog that surprised everyone, maybe even its developers.

I don't know about you guys, but I look forward to playing Sleeping Dogs and testing out my modded controllers' rapid fire or using the adjustable setting to find a speed that works.