Despite there only being the PlayStation 4 on it's own available for pre-order at the moment, after a leak from a French retailer Sony has confirmed that there will be various bundles available on shelves on launch day.

This information was given to Videogamer at Gamescom by Sony Computer Entertainment UK chief Fergal Gara. Fergal Gara said to Videogamer that, "We're tremendously happy with our overall value proposition, whether that be the entry price point of the machine or the detailed bundles and combinations that we will put on shelf at retail which we haven't fleshed out in detail as yet."

The leaked bundle on the French website included A PlayStation 4 console, a copy of Killzone Shadowfall, two DualShock PS4 controllers, and the PlayStation camera for EUR 499.99 which translates to around $650 US dollars.

Strangely though, Killzone Shadowfall was confirmed to not have split screen play, so it seems a weird choice to bundle Shadowfall with two controllers.

Fergal Gara made it sound as if there will be multiple bundles though so if you're looking to get everything at once after launch keep your eyes peeled.