A possible Microsoft Employee has leaked a debug Xbox One that shows a glimpse of the new console dashboard. Since the upload, the video was removed from its original channel but thanks to the power of the internet many others have leapt to re-upload it.

Unsurprisingly there are a lot of similarities in the Xbox One dashboard to the current Xbox 360 dashboard and the same tiled Windows 8 theme is seen throughout. There are a few different features, however the overall layout will feel very comforting to those who have used the current Xbox 360 dashboard.

The video uploader also opens up Rome: Son of Ryse and shows off a pretty cool new feature that allows the game to keep running in the background whilst the user accesses the dashboard.

The game can be viewed through a large tile and the video uploader shows that everything can be accessed on the dashboard smoothly and without issue.

It's likely that this feature will be available for movies as well as games and arcade titles. The uploader of the video did say that it was a little buggy but upon release the Xbox One dashboard would feel a lot smoother especially in the case of the minimized game features.

You can see the video here: