Recently we discussed 343 Industries strange way of saying "This is the next Halo, but it isn't actually going to be called Halo 5." After this point a lot of us decided to go ahead and accept that the first Halo game on the Xbox One might not be called Halo 5.

No one is really bothered about such a trivial thing, but a new leaked trailer seems to show that the next game will in fact be called Halo 5. The trailer shown is the same one as before, however this time round it ends with a Halo 5 logo being shown.

The new trailer shown is made by the same animation studio, Axis Animation, as before. Axis Animation seemed to have just edited the previous version to add Halo 5 onto the ending cutscene, although there doesn't seem to be any real reason for it.

This leaked video could of perhaps been made before Microsoft decided to change the new Halo's name into something other than Halo 5.

Regardless of the name of the next Halo, you can expect Evil Controllers to have modded xbox one controllers in preparation of the next generation Halo title.