PS3 in Three New Colors

Although the PlayStation 4 is probably just around the corner, the PlayStation 3 still has a few more months in it before the gamer community starts to lose interest. The PS2 sold very well after the PS3s release in countries like India, and it seems that Sony want to aim for the same result with the PS3 after the PlayStation 4 is released.

Sony hasn't waited for the PlayStation 4 to hit though, as they have already released three brand new models aimed at the Indian demographic. The new colors follow the same model and build of the previous super slim charcoal black version bundled with a 500GB hard drive.

The new colors include Azurite Blue, Garnet Red and Classic White, all of which include an accompanying dual shock 3 controller which is painted with the same brush as the console it's packaged with.

The cost of the new console is a total of 23,940 Indian Rupees, which would translate to around $435 US dollars. Despite the nice colors, the new consoles seem a bit on the expensive side, and if you were to buy the console and didn't live in India you'd have to add shipping fees and possible region lock issues to the mix.

However, if you live in India and are looking for a new PlayStation 3, this could be a very viable option to you.

With second hand PlayStation 3 titles dropping to super cheap prices, and another year's worth of top quality games being released to the console such as God of War and Grand Theft Auto 5, now would be a strangely beneficial time to invest in a PS3.

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