Metal Gear Rising First DLC Pack

Less than 1 month after the original games release, Konami has revealed information on its first downloadable content pack for its Metal Gear Rising Revengeance game.

The VR Missions DLC has been revealed in a new trailer, introducing players to 30 new VR challenges designed to test the player's reactions, movements and fighting skills. The extra content pack will cost just $2.99 (or 240 Microsoft Points) and although it will be released in Japan first, the US release will be on March 12th, whilst the Europe release will follow the US a day after on March 13th.

The video trailer shows us some arcade-style gameplay within the Metal Gear universe, with a similar theme throughout the VR missions shown. The video also seems to shows new purchasable swords that will be usable by Raiden.

On top of this first content pack, Konami plan to add two new story based Metal Gear Rising Revengeance DLC packs that will add to the original story already in-game.

Release date for these two packs is currently unknown, but Konami has said they will release 'soon after' the thirty VR Missions pack.

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