Sony Buys CrytekA lot of information has hit the world recently regarding Crytek's current financial struggles, and whilst it's clear that they're in the rough right now, details surrounding their fate in the future are very cloudy.

It could be possible that a company or a group of companies decide to buy out Crytek's assets, in a similar fashion to the THQ buyout in 2012. However, it would be unexpected for a company like Sony to come along and outright buy Crytek and all of it's worth.

Surprisingly though, a well-renowned insider by the name of Tidux has suggested that Sony may actually be considering purchasing Crytek in the near future.

Tidux made it very clear that what he's heard is just a rumor, but Sony are reportedly looking in to buying Crytek at this point, and assessing whether making such a move would bring in profit for them.

Personally, I believe it's very possible that Sony are considering to buy Crytek, but I would be surprised if they actually followed through with it. We'll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled. It's likely something will happen to Crytek, but right now nobody really knows what that is.

If Sony does buy Crytek, they'll have access to a few different franchise names including Crysis, Homefront, and maybe even Ryse, despite the fact that the only current game from the IP is an Xbox exclusive.