The Best Gran Turismo Controller to be more than half a grand.

Okay so you threw down about sixty dollars for Gran Turismo 5 for your PS3, but you feel like racing with your PS3 controller really isn't up to par with the game. Well you got around $600 lying around? How about the best controller for the game that was requested by the game's creator itself. The Thrustmaster's T500 RS is a racing wheel controller specifically created with Gran Turismo 5 in mind. Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself tasked Thrustmaster with creating the device to his exact specifications. His goal was for the team was to design a precise wheel with no latency and to reproduce the feeling as if you were driving the real thing of what you are driving.

The result was a high-end, true to life racing wheel with force-feedback and a motorized stopping system and the ability to do 1080 degrees of rotation (meaning three full rotations of the wheel). Alongside the wheel is a pedal system with adjustable resistances and two positions of pedals.

Some may think it's a bit much to throw down this much cash for a wheel system, but true to life racing fans like my friend Ron back in Illinois have done so in the past as they want to feel the closest they can to driving European/Japanese only cars like the Lancer GTRs. So if this is your kind of gaming racing accessory, it'll be available around late December or middle of January.