Game Review - Kirby's Epic Yarn

Entertainment Weekly dubbed Kirbys Epic Yarn as the worst game from 2010. Jeff Jensen a writer for the company disagreed with many of the outstanding reviews the game had received. And what was his explanation for his provocative decision? Jensen said, Theres a fine line between cute and grating, delightfully busy and irritatingly overwhelming – and for me, this hyperactively adorable side-scrolling puzzler crosses it.While Jensens personal opinion varied from many other people, just like Jensen the many other people did not keep their opinions to themselves. Jensen received many tweets over twitter where they did not hold back their thoughts. Some tweets were filled with cleaver puns to help lighten the mood and others were filled with animosity and profanity. However, Jensen doesnt speak for the rest of the Entertainment family, Adam B. Vary also reviewed the game and presented it with the above average grade of B+. Also, Jensens voice is not final conclusion on the matter, IGN rated the game a 9.0 Amazing while their press scores received an 8.9 and their reader scores received an 8.2. Over all ING rated Kirbys Epic Yarn an average score of 8.7. Just because the game is rated E for everyone doesnt mean everyone must enjoy the game, its just a difference of opinion.