Girl Gaming - Sony to Accessorize for Girls

Just in time for Evil Controllers upcoming Girl Gamer Month, Sony will be releasing a PSP bundle for girls (among others) in February. Dubbed the Value Pack for Girls, the bundle will include a Blossom Pink PSP-3000, headphones, a fluffy pouch, and a pink screen cleaner, as shown in the picture from Kotaku.

February will be a great month to celebrate the females of the gaming world, a demographic that largely goes unnoticed. However, Sonys newest bundle demonstrates that the company does care about all of its gamers, and not just the stereotypical ones. Evil Controllers will be hosting Girl Gamer Month as well, with a few surprises and bundles that should be announced soon.

Sony will also release a few other bundles in February, both including a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, screen cleaners, and a PSP-3000 in either black and red or white and blue, for the ladies and gentlemen that feel pink just isnt their color. All three bundles will sell for $240 in the United States and will begin selling on February 17, 2011.