Sony to Skip E3 2020

For the second consecutive year, it appears that Sony will skip E3, dealing another blow to a conference that many are seeing as obsolete.

The E3 expo has previously been used to showcase new game announcements for the upcoming year, with the likes of EA, Xbox, Bethesda, and Sony taking part in putting together shows that are equal parts spectacle and hype. Last year Sony announced that they were skipping E3, as they didn’t have any major announcements to make at the show. This year, it appears that Sony is saving their announcements for their own event. The company had previously held PlayStation Experience for fans, and it’s a possibility that this could come back to hype the upcoming PS5 console.

We don’t have firm details on just what Sony is planning to showcase the system, but we’re expecting it to see it launch to the world in the last quarter of this year. The console is highly-anticipated, seeing as how the PS4 became the second best-selling home console of all-time this year. Reports claim that the console will feature an innovative SSD that has nearly zero loading times, high definition 4K visuals, and an updated DualShock 5 controller that brings more heft and refined accuracy on the sticks.

We’ll be sure to keep readers up to date as we learn more about the PS5’s launch details.