There's nothing like a bit of a public trolling to reignite the fires of the console war. At least in Sony's eyes that is. Hours before the launch event for the Xbox One, Sony took to Twitter to poke fun at the Xbox and promote their new PlayStation 4 with a new Youtube video.

The tweet that was posted on the official PlayStation Europe twitter page said 'Also - If you haven't seen our #PS4 teaser video, where have you been?! As it's a slow news day... here it is:'

The link sends the reader to a new Youtube video showing quick glimpses of the new PlayStation 4. Due to all of the added photo and screen effects, it's hard to make out what the PS4 actually looks like. It is however nice to see Sony showing something of their new console.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb similarly poked fun at Sony at their reveal earlier in the year by saying "Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach."

It'll certainly be an interesting year, and there's no doubt that the spotlight at E3 will be battled over by both Microsoft and Sony.