Console News - PS3 Saves, No Need for Memory Cards!

As seen here, Sony introduced to its developers of one of its newest feature, the ability save your games via "cloud storage". What is "cloud storage" you ask? "Cloud storage" is where instead of saving data to hardware on the PS3, you may save your data remotely on a server. This method would mean that you can play your PS3 games' saves anywhere atanytime without the need of a memory card.

There are two catches to this feature. First, the service will only be available to those with the Playstation Plus subscription service. Secondly,Sony stated that developers have the option to opt-out of using the cloud storage service. This meaning that developers can have their games not support the service, thus their customers will not be able to use the cloud saving system for their saved games.

This cloud storage service (which Sony will call "Online Saving") will be available on the 3.60 firmware update for the PS3.