Surprise! Although we have already announced news of the bundle and Pink Camouflage controller discounts, the brand new Evil tank top, and the contest with OpTic Gamings girl division channel, Evil has more set in store connected with Girl Gaming Month. Evil wishes to celebrate a very under recognized piece of the gaming population and encourage more women to join the ranks of some already amazing gamers. We want to even the demographic between male and female gamers, and not separate the two, but aid in encouraging the closing of the gap that unfortunately exists. Right now, if you google Girl Gamer, or anything of the like, you are more likely to find more naked pictures of women than anything else, which is why Evil wants to show that it doesnt have to be that way. We are not trying to separate women in any way or stereotype, but wanted to celebrate gamers that are not the statistical majority. That said, Evil would like to announce the last piece of the puzzle that we have set in store, that maybe we should have announced earlier but wanted to wait until the month actually started. Proceeds from each Pink Camo controller sold this month will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in support of their research efforts. We are happy to announce this because, although we are Evil, we are happy to do good in this world.