Star Wars Battlefront Episode 7

With the release of Battlefront in November and Star Wars Episode 7 in December, it seems like perfect sense to add some Episode 7 themed DLC into Battlefront in the near future. Unfortunately DICE has revealed that they do not have any plans to release any Episode 7 themed content for the new Battlefront and in fact Battlefront will only include content from the original prequel trilogy.

DICE definitely has some DLC in plan for Battlefront in 2016 but all of the new maps and content will be themed around episodes 4, 5 and 6.

You may be wondering why DICE decided to create the Battle of Jakku map if Battlefront will only focus on the first three movies. According to Star Wars lore, Battlefront's Battle of Jakku map takes place 29 years before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so whilst it's still ahead of the first prequel episodes, it still is within the realms of Star Wars Episode 6 as opposed to The Force Awakens.

The news came via a Twitter post, which read as, "Our team is focusing on the original trilogy for this release of Star Wars Battlefront."

The way this is worded is quite interesting. Whilst it does mean that Battlefront will not be getting any non-prequel content for the release of the game, EA and DICE may make plans to make content based on Episode 7 in the future. If there are future Battlefront games, these could also include content from different Star Wars eras.