Destiny Sparrow Racing League

Destiny's Sparrow Racing League has now ended and players can no longer play this particular game mode. For those unaware, Sparrow Racing League was a unique PVP mode added to Destiny that allowed players to race each other in Sparrows. This is the first time Bungie has added a PVP game mode that has a main focus besides shooting.

Now that Sparrow Racing League has come to a close, Bungie will be replacing it with The Iron Banner for a short while before introducing another timed PVP game mode. The Iron Banner has already been in Destiny two times since the release of The Taken King and this is now the third time.

The Iron Banner features basic PVP combat just like the standard Crucible game mode but there are some standout features that make it very different. Unlike the standard Crucible mode, the Iron Banner has level advantages enabled, which means that weapons with higher attack ratings do more damage. In the Crucible, all gear is leveled out to make an equal playing field.

If you have a higher light level in The Iron Banner you'll have a much better chance at taking down players with lower light levels than you.

In the past, The Iron Banner game mode has been available for a week before being taken offline again so it is likely that once again the newly added game mode will be available for a week before being replaced with something else.