If you like Super Mario or Ghostbusters, then you'll definitely feel the love gone into an instant classic on YouTube that has mashed up both of the two into a nostalgic pit of 1980's wonder.

The new Super Mario Busters 2 manages to shed light on the amazing concepts of both worlds, and somehow manages to merge them into something wonderful.

If Luigi's Mansion 3DS were to receive a follow up, the mashup by Farr is something I'd hope it to look like.

James Farr has become an internet sensation thanks to his plethora of videos on his channel that has managed to throw in some of this century's classic movies and games into a (sometimes mashed up) animated bundle of delights.

Farr has released Pac Man: The Movie, Transformer videos, and even his own mashup of Back to the Future and Doctor Who. It only makes sense that his next move was to cover the Super Mario games and in my opinion he's done it very well.

Replacing Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston are of course Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and a less obvious character, Sonic the hedgehog. The video game characters go about business similarly to how the real Ghostbusters would, busting ghosts and keeping the city clean, but also keeping their own video game style to the video.

The mashup has also made some pretty comedic changes to the city that the Ghostbusters are located in. For example, the Statue of Liberty has been replaced with a statue of Samus Aran in the New Super Mario Busters 2 and even Kamek and the Magikoopa show their faces in the video.

If you're a fan of Nintendo games or Ghostbusters then you should really check out this video as it's literally oozing with nostalgia and has been beautifully crafted. James Farr was probably the kid at school that knew how to complete every Mario level on record time, and his videos really prove it.