The Call of Duty World Championship took place earlier this month and it saw Team EnVyUs play against Splyce in a tense battle. Despite Splyce's recent jump up the leaderboards, their recent good performances just weren't good enough for the almighty EnVyUs. The EnVy team took the win in an impressive 3-1 scoreline.

In the first map, EnVyuS and Splyce were playing against each other in a game of Hardpoint. To begin with EnVyUs was performing well, and it was clear right out of the gate that Splyce had a tough cookie to crack. Despite the great initial performance from EnVyUs, Splyce took the first map with a 250-196 score.

Unfortunately the celebrations for Splyce ended here. The next map was search and destroy, and all the searching was left for Splyce to do, because Team EnVyUs absolutely destroyed Splyce with a 6-2 score.

Splyce weren't ready to give up just yet though - EnVyUs struggled to get a good grip on the early and mid game of map 3, which was Uplink. Unfortunately, Splyce just couldn't close off the victory and EnVyUs managed to pull it back with a 16-10 score.

That left EnVyUs with just one more map in front of them before they took the win home. At this point, the Splyce team's energy was still going strong, but it just couldn't take down the informidable EnVyUs team. In the last map, which was Capture the Flag, EnVyUs took a 4-2 scoreline to give them the World Championship win.