big house 6 qualifier

The Big House 6 has recently confirmed that they will be running Japanese qualifier events for Super Smash Bros. Wii U. After the qualifier events for Smash Wii U, another event, the Master Hand qualifier, will follow for Melee on August 28.

Whilst the qualifier events aren't the biggest news to hit the Smash scene, it is important to know that these qualifiers will help players make their way into the main event for The Big House 6 which will be happening in Dearborn, Michigan.

This event will be happening from October 7 to October 9 and it will hopefully include around 500-1,000 entrants. If you're interested in the tournament you can register at Last year the event saw over 500 entrants battle their way out. Expectedly a number of familiar faces made their way to the finals. Last year we saw ZeRo take the crown.

The payout will depend entirely on how many entrants make their way to Big House 6 but in most cases 40% of the payout will be paid to the first place winner, 20% to 2nd and an increasingly smaller amount for the next nine players.

The stream schedule has not been announced yet but we'd expect that the event will be covered live via Twitch.

Will you be tuning in to The Big House 6 to watch some Smash Bros. Action? The dates to look out for are the August 28 for the Melee qualifier and October 7-9 for the big event.