virtus pro ELEAGUE

Whilst this may not be big news to all of you, we think it's a story worth commenting on. Recently TBS started an e-sports exclusive tournament called ELEAGUE. During its first season the tournament was for the PC title Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The finals recently took place and Virus Pro managed to take the crown from Fnatic to become the first ELEAGUE champions. There are a few reasons why this story is so huge.

To begin with, this is the first time in a long time that an esports tournament has been specifically broadcasted on an American TV channel. The e-sports league was also put on in between other sports events.

The tournament also boasted an absolutely gigantic prize pool. $1.4 million was paid out to 24 different teams. At the top, Virtus Pro received a gigantic $390,000 prize.

The interesting thing is that Virtus Pro has been in a slump of sorts for quite some time. On the other hand, Fnatic was considered the team to beat for a very long time. It's amazing for us to see how fast things can change within the fast-paced scene of Counter Strike - top teams and top players switch out faster than any sport we've seen before and it’s incredibly exciting.

Hopefully this huge tournament will make the start of a new era of e-sports. Whilst Counter Strike was the game to debut on ELEAGUE, we may see other games make it to TBS and if not, we may still see other TV networks starting their own e-sports content.