The First Impressions of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Are In

Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 Controller was unveiled at the company’s E3 press conference, and users have begun getting their hands on the delicious (and pricey) piece of tech. Impressions of the controller have been overwhelmingly positive for the controller, as it brings in some great new features.

Tech journalists have been getting some hands-on time with the Series 2, and claim that the device is lighter than the original. Microsoft is claiming 40 hours of battery life on a single charge, and the group has worked in a USB-C port for charging the controller. This, along with Bluetooth compatibility has users gushing.

The Series 2 has four paddles on the back, just like our SHIFT controller, which is a nice touch. The controller does compare favorably to the C40 TR though, as you get 4 paddles with the Elite 2, but only 2 on the Astro C40 TR. One downside to the Series 2 is that you cannot remap your paddles on the fly as you can on the Evil SHIFT.  However, you can make 3 profiles with different paddle inputs and change the profile while gaming, you simply tap the Profile button on the Elite 2 during gameplay. This has specific benefits, especially when you’re changing classes during a match.

We’re hearing especially good things about the new Elite controller’s adjustable tension in the thumbsticks, which is something that any pro controller needs. Of course, we’re going to be offering up a send-in service for the Series 2 when it launches, letting our clients dial-in the performance of their controller in a way that’s on a whole new level.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 will be available this fall and retail for $179.99.