You Cannot Get Rid of the PS2. It Will Continue to Go on in Sales

The Sega Dreamcast, the Nintendo Gamecube, that gaming console Apple released but no one bought, they all have gone the way of the dodo bird. No one is buying them except for video game collectors from second hand stores or booths at flea markets. However, one console is still being sold today and at a healthy number as well. Sony's Playstation 2 is still being sold well around the world. And while its numbers aren't as strong as its earlier days, it's enough to bring notice to everyone.

According to this article on Kotaku, it seems that from information from a Sony Computer Entertainment Press Release the PS2 continues its sales momentum and remains a big seller in emerging countries and in remote regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America. The total of all these regional sales comes to more than half a million units worldwide.

This is due to the PS2's now affordable price tag and huge (and still somewhat growing) game library makes the console very attractive to those folks who are in parts of the world that are interested in gaming and don't have access to big box stores like Germany's Media Markt (which has Best Buy-esque stores all over Eastern Europe and Russia) or China's Gome electronics chain. So even if you're in the remote areas of the world, likely you can find someone with a PS2 console.