The Possible Release Date of FIFA 23 Finally Revealed

Everybody’s favorite football game is just around the corner. With FIFA 22 almost eight months in, people have been speculating about the release of the next installment. While FIFA has received a fair bit of criticism over the years, it has still remained the best football game out there. Sure, there is PES and other developers are also trying to offer some competition, but EA sports remains the best football game developer out there.

Unfortunately, however, FIFA 23 could be the last time EA gets to use the FIFA name as the footballing organization ended its ties with the video game developer. While this is a very big deal, it won’t stop EA from developing more football games under a different name. If you are a FIFA fan, you might be wondering when the next installment of this video game franchise will be released. While the developer has not provided an official date, industry insiders speculate that it could be around September or October, just like last year.

What Can You Expect from EAs Next Installment

Football fans had been urging developers to create a football game best on realism for a long time. While Konami and EA did listen to their request and updated their games quite regularly, FIFA 22 really took realism to a next level.

Many claim that FIFA 22 is arguably the most realistic football game to date. Some even think that the gameplay mechanics, ball physics, etc take them out of the game. FIFA 23 could improve upon 22s gameplay and provide football fans with a blend of arcade-like gameplay and some realism.

Besides the gameplay, the video game’s most talked about game mode, Ultimate Team, will be the center of attention just like every year. This year’s FUT could see the introduction of numerous legend cards, with Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, John Terry, and Yaya Toure rumored to be included.

Will FIFA 23 Use Hyper Motion Technology?

EAs hyper motion technology was one of the biggest talking points about FIFA 22 and sold many people on the game. For those who don’t know, the hyper motion technology incorporates realism in FIFA 22 by recording actual player movements, collisions, and ball physics. Many people have been wondering if EA will continue to use the hyper motion technology for FIFA 23 and future games. While FIFA hasn’t provided any updates about it, it would be fair to assume that it will use it.

This is mainly because EA plans to make the most of the PS5's next-gen capabilities, offering gamers a bang for their buck. If anything, you could see several other technologies incorporated in future football games by EA.

Fans also expect improvements in online game modes, as server issues have been a massive problem with most EA games. With the company slowly but surely heading into a new direction, upgrades in the online gaming modes will truly be appreciated.