New Batman Arkham Game

The two previous Batman games for the current generation of consoles, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, have seen great success thanks to the great gameplay and story that fit perfectly into the Batman universe.

A lot of fans may have been led into the games by the recent Batman films, but regardless, the games have been produced at top standards with beautiful scenes and story elements involved.

Looking forward to a new Batman game on the next gen will be exciting for many reasons, and although the gameplay itself is sure to be very enjoyable, it'll be great to see what a new Batman game could make of the next generation hardware.

It isn't confirmed but rumors have cropped up about the new Batman, Arkham Origins, which will be announced at E3 for next gen consoles. The Arkham Origins game is expected to be a prequel of the previous two games, following in the footsteps of Batman and his actions within the comics of the 1950s-1970s era.

Despite the great game, two key players of the previous game's development won't be involved, including the great Paul Dini, a writer of Batman stories, and Mark Hamil, the voice of Joker.

Story elements are currently unknown, but appearances by other DC super heroes such as the Green Lantern and Superman may make it into the game.