New Borderlands Edition

Usually you don't see re-releases for video game titles until a good 10 or so years after a games release, often in celebration for an anniversary of other accomplishment the video game may have achieved the developer, but it seems Gearbox doesn't want to wait years before their Borderlands series becomes a classic and instead they've wanted to release a new purchasable special edition that includes a whole load of features to make a Borderlands fan happy.

At PAX East, Gearbox announced the Borderlands 2 Swag-filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest and its release date set for June. When Borderlands 2 was first released, gamers could get their hands on the Ultimate Chest Loot Box Edition, and the new Swag Filled edition seems to give those who previously didn't manage to purchase a loot box a second chance, included with extra in-game items and memorabilia.

Although the loot box is quite similar to the previous one when it comes to shape and size, the newly announced box has a few different features to set it apart, specifically the color scheme and main design of the box innards.

Inside the box the following can be found:

  • Diamond Plate Loot Chest
  • Loot Chest Certificate of Authenticity
  • A rare vacuform Goliath mask w/SHiFT code that unlocks the head in-game
  • 20 Trading cards with SHiFT codes that unlock Legendary items in game
  • Vault Hunters Wanted Poster
  • Window Decals for Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, and more

A copy of Borderlands 2 won't be included to avoid fans having to pay for more than two copies of the game, and the items included could change slightly before its release in June.

There are also only 5,000 total boxes being manufactured, all of which will cost those that are interested $99.99.