The order 1866 release date

Before the release of the PlayStation 4, The Order 1866 was one of the games that was unveiled, along with a bunch of launch window titles. However, a proper release date for the game hasn't been given, and we're still unsure when we'll actually get to play the game.

A new conversation  on twitter between Sony Santa Monica Director TD Moss, and the founder of Ready at Dawn Studios, Andrea Pessino, seems to suggest that The Order 1866 will be ready and released in Fall 2014.

In a line of tweets and replies, TD Moss said "looking forward to what you make it do next fall! No pressure ;-P," to which Andrea Pessino replied "yeah, me too! ;)"

On their own, even the exchange of winking faces seems to suggest that these two know something that the rest of don't, so it's likely that even though it hasn't been made official yet, The Order 1866 development team have plans to release their game in Fall, 2014.

For those that didn't know, the Order 1866 is an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 and is being developed by Ready at Dawn Studios and Sony Santa Monica, and is set in an alternate history where an order of knights have set out to keep the world safe from half-breed monsters that look to be the result of both man and animal. We'll keep you updated on any news or gameplay footage on the game.