[Driveclub gameplay]

Although Drive Club has been delayed, you shouldn't vent your anger at Evolution Studios or Sony, because the game will definitely be worth the wait.

If you're not yet convinced that DriveClub is going to be a racing game everybody is going to want to play, you may want to have a look at some new gameplay footage that was released over the weekend.

The new DriveClub footage was shown as part of a UK advertising campaign, and was put alongside some clips of Killzone: Shadowfall, but despite the beautiful new FPS looking great, the few seconds of DriveClub really impressed me.

Two clips are shown; one where the player is driving in from the driver, and another from the typical camera angle from behind the vehicle, and it instantly captures the huge expansive world that Sony has stated DriveClub to be.

On top of the great view, the graphics for the environment and the cars are great, and it certainly feels like the closest to real life any racing game has ever been.

You can watch the video here:

I know this is only a few seconds of footage, but when you watch it you'll see what's so impressive about it.

DriveClub was originally planned as a launch window title, however the game was not finished in time to meet this schedule and has since been delayed. The new release date for DriveClub hasn't been confirmed but it's likely to hit in early to mid 2014.