<h1>Console News - A PC with a Builty in XBOX 360</h1>

As of September 7, PC customization company Origins PC announced of their newest model "The Big O" which combines both a high powered PC with an Xbox 360. The Big O model will come with a Xbox 360 'slim' model which can be played while the PC is running its normal tasks and processes. The PC portion of the model will feature the latest gaming specs that today's requirements. These specs include a 4.0GHz Intel Core i7 930 Processor, a liquid cooled Rampage III Extreme Motherboard, a dual NVIDIA GTX 480 GPUs, 6 gigabytes of memory, dual 50GB SSD drives, 2 terabyte hard drive, a Creative Fatal1ty sound card, and a Blu-ray burner. The total cost of this beast of a gaming PC hybrid that only the insanely genius minds of Origins PC could think of? Around $7,669 is their asking price.

If you got a bit more of cash to spend on the Big O, the company also offers an upgraded configuration version that will include a set of overclocked to 4.3GHz dual Intel Xeon X5680 processors, EVGA S52 motherboard, liquid cooling, and much more.

Despite of its high cost, a combination of a Xbox and PC magazine is something that hasn't been marketed ever. While there has a been a few splashes of self modifications of the Xbox into a PC (and many others console into unexpected places like the "Nin-toaster") this the first that it's being made into the modified PC market.

You can check the Big O and its upgraded configurations as well as their other models at their website.