Console News - Kinect gathering attention.

Since Microsoft's Kinect is new technology, it's hard for us here at Evil not to be excited, but as gamers are you guys?


The Wii has definitely shown that motion controls can be successful, but part of their success should be attributed to the novelty of motion controls. People bought Wiis for two reason, one it was from Nintendo, and two we hadn't seen motion controls before, the novelty was intriguing. Sony and Microsoft don't have the luxury of being given the benefit of the doubt, we've seen what motion controls can do so it'll take a bit more to impress us.

Microsoft has a slight advantage in that they can pitch Kinect as a new way to play, gaming without a controller, but their commercials do them no favors. They bring to mind the launch of the Wii and the excitement around experiencing something new with the whole family, as consumers we've felt that exact buzz before. If they have the confidence to sell their product as an entirely new method of gaming, why is their method of selling it so 2006. Sony at least has Kevin Butler and a self awareness about the whole thing that makes their commercials amusing.

Microsoft and Sony have obviously invested a lot into these products, but they still haven't promised core gamers a reason to adopt them. How interested are you guys?